FAQs - Quicken

Does LBS Financial offer Quicken Direct Connect?

Yes. Although most Quicken users prefer Direct Connect, we still support Web Connect. You may still log into CU OnLine and download account history using Web Connect if you prefer.

What is the customer ID & PIN?

The customer ID is your LBS Financial Credit Union primary Share/Savings account number, and your PIN is the password you use to access your account using CU OnLine here at the Credit Union.

Which versions of Quicken can I use?

Version support is controlled completely by Quicken (Intuit). For Windows, the “current” and two previous versions are supported. Quicken’s policy for Mac operating systems is different. Only the “current” Mac version of Quicken is supported.

What types of LBS Financial accounts can I download into Quicken?

We support downloads for Savings, Checking and Credit Card accounts. Certificates and Loans are not supported.

Is CU OnLine Bill Payment compatible with Quicken?

CU OnLine Bill Payment cannot be accessed through Quicken. However, you can download your transactions into Quicken once the payments have posted to your Checking account. Some financial institutions do support bill pay through Quicken which is the reason there is an option shown.

Does LBS Financial support QuickBooks?

LBS Financial does not currently support QuickBooks.

What does the OL 393A error message mean?

The OL 393A message indicates that the update failed because Quicken attempted to access an account that is no longer available through online banking. You need to deactivate the account in Quicken. For more information on OL XXXX errors visit Quicken's website.

Who do I contact if I need technical support?

Quicken software is just like any other software. It’s supported by the publisher (Quicken/Intuit). Our LBS Financial CU OnLine technical support technicians are not Quicken experts. Our job is to make sure the communications software is working properly and we ask that you report problems to us immediately. Quicken support is available on the Quicken website.


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