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Phone Banking (HomeTeller)

When you join our neighborhood, help is just around the corner. We’re always happy to see you, but if you can’t stop by, help is just a phone call away day or night. During business hours you can chat with our friendly LBS Financial representatives. After hours, you have full access to your account with HomeTeller.


  • Transfer funds
  • Review account balances
  • Make loan payments and withdrawals by check
  • Determine if checks have cleared
  • Call us 24/7 at 800.527.3328, press 1

HomeTeller Quick Tips

How to place your call:
  • Dial: 800.527.3328. When your call is answered by our automated attendant, press 1 and you'll be connected to HomeTeller.
  • Voice Prompt says: Please say or enter your account number.
  • You enter or say: Your account number
  • Voice Prompt says: What is your PIN?
  • You enter or say: Personal Identification Number (PIN).

**After entering your PIN, you may enter a transaction code or listen to the main menu prompts for available transactions.

Note: For security, don't share your PIN number. HomeTeller is not available for use for a short time at each month-end for Credit Union processing.

HomeTeller Quick Tips

  • Whenever you enter a monetary amount, the decimal point is replaced by an asterisk * — so, $25.00 becomes 25*00 when using HomeTeller.
  • When you want to end your call, just enter *# or say "goodbye" and wait for HomeTeller to assign your call a confirmation number. Be sure to record your confirmation number and refer to it if you have any questions concerning that call. You can change your Personal Identification Number for HomeTeller easily by entering the Transaction Code "PIN" or saying "Change PIN" and entering or saying a new PIN number when prompted.
  • While on the line with HomeTeller, it is simple to change to another Credit Union Account Number (Transaction Code RAN or say "Re-enter Account Number"). If you have multiple Credit Union Accounts, be sure to sign up for HomeTeller Service for each account.

Suffix (Sub-Share) Guide

Your CU Account Number - followed by:
  • 0 - Regular Shares 
  • 1 - Holiday Club 
  • 2 - Vacation Club
  • 3 - Special Savings 
  • 4 - Special Savings
  • 5 - IRA Savings 
  • 6 - Money Market 
  • 7 - Escrow/Impound 
  • 8 - Checking 
  • 9 - Checking 

Open-end Loan Suffixes

Your CU Account Number followed by:
  • 92 - LBS Financial Classic Visa
  • 94 - LBS Financial Classic Visa
  • 95 - LBS Financial Gold Visa
  • 98 - Primo Home Equity Line of Credit
  • 99 - Primo Home Equity Line of Credit

Having Trouble with HomeTeller?

Call LBS Financial for assistance. As you become familiar with the sequence for the transactions, you'll enjoy the convenience of banking from your phone using HomeTeller, a FREE service brought to you by LBS Financial Credit Union!



Accepts Deposits: Yes

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